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New mice have been added! The Toy Tinkerer mouse and the Mad Elf mouse!;

Mad Elf Mouse:

Toy Tinkerer Mouse: 

Hello fellow Hunters again! There is a new festive mouse discovered! It’s the Snow Scavenger Mouse!

It dropping Wood and Cogs(Will update when I see more loots being dropped by it.) Spoiler image below.

Some FAQs:

1. Why isn’t the Festive Feta trade-able?

It’s not trade-able to prevent players from creating multiple other accounts and sending them the Festive Feta, which is CHEATING. It will get you BANNED too;

From rules made by MouseHunt:

 Use a single account to access the game 

Players may only have one account in the game. Many social networks also enforce a rule of only one account per person. Those found using more than one account will have all accounts disabled and be reported to the social network website used to access the game should that social network only permit one account per person.

2. Where do I go to collect the most Festive Feta?

You only have 1 location to collect them, that’s the Festive Comet, nowhere else, If you do not want to hunt, donating is the best choice for you!

3. What are the stats on the new trap?

Okay, let’s be clear once and for all, It is NOT CRAFTABLE at the MOMENT, you would need the LED(Light-emitting diode) bulb from the MAD ELF Mouse, which has yet to be released. As it is still not crafted, we DO NOT know what type it would be, parental? Physical? Tactical? Hydro? We DO NOT know, you may make guesses, but you still WOULD NOT know what it is until the MAD ELF Mouse is released so that you can obtain the LED(Light-emitting diode)

4. When is the Mad Elf Mice going to be released?

No one knows except people working at HitGrab, it may be when the goal bar fills up or when enough Hunters get the blueprints, how much is enough is still not known except people working at HitGrab.

Charms are now TRADABLE!

The follow charm(s) are now trade-able;

Wood, Screw, Spring and Winter charm(s).

They are also available for sale by players at the MarketPlace.

The only way to get the Wood, Screw and Spring charms is to either donate or purchase them at Festive Comet’s Charm Shoppe.


Spoiler image of Scavenger Mouse


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Happy Hunting all!